​​Stafford Crane Group


Stafford Crane Group now provides Vicario and Benazzato self-erect cranes. Self-erect cranes are easy to transport and operate, and the smaller models (self-contained) only need a one-man crew for erection. The larger models can often do the same job that a small tower crane could do, at less cost and a higher rate of efficiency. 

Stafford Crane Group's construction man-material hoists can transport up to 30 workers and materials weighing up to 3200 kg (7100 lbs) quickly and safely on your project. Available in single or dual configurations with an inside dimension of 3.9 meters (12.9 feet). Our hoists also feature variable frequency control and can achieve travel speeds of up to 100 meters per minute (330 fpm).



Stafford Crane Group is a full service provider with an international 24/7 same-day breakdown service to keep inventory, perform structural inspections, repairs, and maintenance. We have factory trained and experienced field staff who respond to our customer's problems in a professional, time efficient manner.


Our mobile cranes include conventional, crawler, rough terrain, and hydraulic cranes from 15 to 600 tons, specializing in Terex model cranes. For long term contracts, we can provide for our customers anywhere in the world with the complete package of transportation, operating, licensing, and servicing.

Stafford Group's fleet of tower cranes provide dependable performance while keeping pace with the construction industry. Our wide range of tower cranes can be transported, assembled, and disassembled easily, and are a vital component of a successful high rise project. We offer a complete line of lifting capacities from 2 to 32 ton, with radius ranging up to 85 meters (278 feet). Our fleet consists primarily of Terex and Comansa models with multiple options of hammerhead, flat top, luffer, static or traveling, and external or internal climbing in response to our customer's project needs.

The success of Stafford Crane Group depends on our company’s comprehensive commitment to being the premier equipment company that safely provides to the lifting industry. Safe operations at all levels and all departments is absolutely essential and of greatest priority to us. The implementation of safety above all else is imperative in our day-to-day operations, ensuring the highest level of compliancy to the established industry inspection standards and safety procedures to minimize the risk to human life.