​​Stafford Crane Group



The origins of Stafford Crane Group can be traced back to 1996, when Derek Stafford founded Stafford Tower Cranes in Dublin, Ireland, starting with a single tower crane. Eight years later, Derek's brother, Patrick Stafford, saw the opportunity to bring the business to America. So in 2004, with the support of Derek, Patrick founded Stafford Tower Crane of America in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Since then, Stafford Crane Group has grown to provide much more than just tower cranes. We now also provide bare and manned mobile, self-erecting and overhead cranes, along with construction hoists and platforms. We provide technician and consulting services on tower crane projects across the United States and the world. And we operate Quality Truck Repair, a fleet services-oriented truck and crane repair shop in Phoenix. 

After doing business in Phoenix for 14 years, Stafford has built a reputation as the best provider of lifting equipment and service in Arizona. Through this reputation, Stafford has been able to branch out to other states, and we now operate in more than 10 states, with facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Florida. The extent of Stafford's operations does not stop at the United States border – through our affiliates, Stafford Crane Group operates in Europe, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

Stafford Crane Group remains a family owned and operated company. Derek is based in Florida and Patrick and Jack are based in the Phoenix headquarters, along with Patrick Stafford III who represents the next Stafford generation. And we continue to operate on the core values -- technical expertise and excellent customer service – that allow us to count among our clients some of the biggest and best contractors in the world.

Please contact us to see how Stafford Crane Group can help you achieve your goals on your next project.